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Hello Beauties,

It's been forever since I posted anything on here. I have a billion ideas in my head for looks and things I want to post, and then life just gets in the way. I started a new job three weeks ago, and it's pretty much taken over my life. I just got my first pay from this new job, and although it's not amazing pay, I decided to spoil myself with a little bit of retail therapy anyway. I hadn't ordered anything from Asos Curve since forever, and I've been wanting to update my wardrobe for some time now. Lastnight I stalked the Asos Curve sale section, and fell in love with so many pieces, but although they were on sale, they were still at the pricey end for me. I had picked out about five hundred euros worth of dresses and other pretty things, but that is just way beyond what I can afford to spend on just one shopping spree. So I looked a little closely at what I was considering buying, and figured I could probably make a lot of those dresses with fabric I already have at home, at a fraction of the Asos Curve price. So that's what I opted to do, and then I only bought a few things which I know I can't make myself... The first order I placed had a problem and didn't go through, so I re-ordered five minutes later, and it went through without any glitches. However, within those five minutes, I missed out on this baby in my size:

Luckily, I managed to order the following successfully! Everything I ordered was between a size 18-22, and I'm hoping they will fit fine. I've lost a lot of weight recently, so I'm not sure what sizes I should be ordering... *fingers crossed*

All black, and all requiring that I invest in an amazing strappless black bra. I have a billion styling ideas for these tops, so I am looking forward to their arrival! I'm actually really excited!!! I think I'll just see them as late birthday presents to myself *smiles*

Two of the items I plan to DIY are the following:

I've heard a lot of people comment on how ASOS Curve is really affordable. I think it depends a lot on where you are in the world, and what currency you are paying in. If I were in London, and earning London wages, I'd be able to splash out more. But when shopping in euros and earning in euros, you have to really watch the pennies; unless you are one of those few people who really earns a lot of money. The job I have now, by Spanish standards, doesn't pay badly. In fact, it was the best paid job I found of the lot. Yet it's still not great pay in the grand scheme of things. I guess I'm lucky that I'm good with my hands, so I can always sort-of afford to take on a demanding but not fabulously paid job, and then just try and make things myself before splashing out loads of money on something. My only other problem now is, finding the time to make these things!

There is also this false idea that bloggers are loaded. I'm sure some are. And if not, loaded, then in debt. I am not loaded, or in debt, and I refuse to be in debt. I've never had a credit card, or paid for anything in installments. It's just not how I like to do things. I was raised in a household where what we had was ours, and if we couldn't afford something, we lived without it, and that was that. I was always scared by the number of people I knew who were constantly being called by their bank about debt, and even people who had the bailiff call round. Surely, no dress or gadget is worth all that hassle... Or is it? That said, I am seriously thinking about getting a credit card soon, so I can buy myself a new camera, and have some sort of credit history - in case I should need one in future. At 32, that might sound odd. Everyone my age seems to have debt, even if it's just a student loan debt. I was lucky I didn't need a student loan, and I do not take for granted that I did not end uni with a massive debt lingering over my head, so I make a point of not getting into debt for trivial reasons. Nothing is more important than health or an education, and if neither of those things have put me in debt, fashion certainly won't either. No matter how much I love fashion and dressing up, I know there are much more important things in life. I'm not saying, take how you look lightly. How we dress speaks volumes about us without us having to say a word. However, good health and a decent education, should always be our number one priorities. Everything else, is secondary. Speaking of which...

Right now I seem to be harbouring something or other, so I've not done any of the sewing I had planned to do this weekend. I really need to keep my strength up and my health in check, especially when I'm so new at my new school! The last thing I need is to fall sick and have to take time off work! Hopefully I'll be a lot better by the end of this week, and will get to make at least one of these two dresses and a skirt made next weekend, and maybe my next post will be a DIY project *wink wink*

I have some very exciting collabs coming up, so stay tuned for those. I am also planning to sell some of my old clothes. I gave away heaps of clothes to a local church last week, and should really look into getting rid of more things before I make or buy new ones. But so much of what I own is classical rather than trendy, so still wearable... We'll see.

I was rather heartbroken yesterday when I tried to sign up to Simply Be UK and it wouldn't let me sign up with my Spanish address or Spanish phone number! And here I am, wanting to expand on my shop list! *tsk tsk*

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

BLOGGER INTERVIEW | Up Close & Personal with... Pepper!

Hello Gorgeous Ladies! 

I am really really really excited to be doing another blogger interview. I used to have a segment on here called "Up Close and Personal with a P.H.A.T girl", and somehow it fizzled out. It was something I absolutely loved to do, and I have decided to take it up again, so I can share and showcase other bloggers who's style I love! Today I've reached out to Pepper. A fellow Plus Size blogger in her 30s, who has great style and some great inspirational words for our fellow plus size sisters out there! You can go straight to the posts which feature the outfits included in this interview by clicking on the photos! I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we have! - And thank you very much Pepper for agreeing to this interview!

If you would like to be featured on my blog, e-mail me at, with the subject "Feature Me", and include a link to your blog.  

UpClose & Personal with...

Name - PrettyPlusPep  AKA Pepper M. Martin
Age - 38
Sex/Gender - Girl
Height - 5 '8
Dress Size - Various Don't Believe in the Sizes
Body type - Hella Curvy
Location - Alabama USA
Languages - English
How you have been blogging for  2 years 

How did you get into blogging, and why? 
I have always been a fan of blogging. My first blog was about the exploration of my feelings as a  woman coming out of a relationship. It left me broken in so many ways. Blogging provided the voice I needed to speak and the right release at that time. Later, I started my fashion blog after talking to a friend about my skill in taking thrifts and goodwill finds and turning them into the current trends without breaking the single girl's budget. It was perfect!  I find myself loving all the current trends, but not the price. I would like for my blog to serve as inspiration for women seeking the trends and creating the perfect look for themselves. And definitely about finding deals and steals online and at local retailers.

Tell us what are the best and worst bits about being blogger? 
The best part is meeting people who you have inspired. I am told by women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds that I inspire them to be proud of the curves they have. Wear color and graphics. Go beyond the designated Plus Size section because style is beyond size boundaries. The not so great is sometime people will attempt to take advantage of you.

Tell us a bit about the people you have met through blogging who have enriched your life, inspired you, and/or maybe made you experiment with styles outside of your comfort zone?
I've had the opportunity to meet many wonderful bloggers, magazine editors and influential people on this journey. It really is a beautiful sisterhood. They are changing me for the better everyday and I am grateful for the many of them.
What would you say to someone who has negative issues with their body, or parts of their body, and it's having a negative influence on their confidence and life in general, to make them love/accept their body?
Our bodies are gifts. The negative feelings we are feeling are usual from the outside critics judging and offering their opinion. We are made perfect from the day we are born, as we become older we seek acceptance from others when we should be accepting ourselves.  I think it is okay to be conceited sometime. Love every part of your body, that's make you different, beautiful and something this world needs to see.
Who/what inspires your posts when (or if) you ever get bloggers-block (like writers block)? I seek inspiration from everything but blogger block happens.  When it does, I try to reset myself by looking in magazines; going to some of my favorite blogger sites or just embrace my surroundings.

To date, which post from your blog would you say has been the most challenging, why, and how did you overcome it? Also tell us which post you are the most proud of. 
I love this questions because my most challenging and most proud post is the same post. Wearing a swimsuit after 10+ years of not being "swimsuit ready" was a mind challenge for me.  I wasn't ready in my mind to handle the critic this post would bring.  The women I collaborated with for this post were most influential in helping me get over this challenge and It immediately became my favorite post of all time. I am wearing a two piece bikini! I can remember walking out the door to take my picture for the swimwear post and my brother telling me, how wonderful I looked. Coming from a fitness fanatic, this made my day and my post. the Swimwear post will always be my favorite post. 

How would you describe your blog and style to someone who had never seen your blog before? 
My blog is a  diary of my journey in exploring fashion from the eyes of a woman with thunder thighs, vintage obsession, tight purse strings and  lover of prints. I love beautiful things period. 
What is the one item or element that you think will make or break an outfit? 
Enthusiasm! If your heart is in the outfit , it will reflect no mare what you are wearing.  
Have you always been plus size? 
Always, The sad part is when I was in high school, I was a size 16 and I thought I was the biggest girl in school. If only I knew what I know now.

Is there any style/print/colour etc which you think plus size ladies should either steer clear from, or totally embrace, and why?

Oh Hunny!  Embrace Everything!  The minute you embrace it you will own it. 

I noticed you have fabulous thick hair, and you seem to switch hairstyles a lot. Tell us a bit about how you keep your hair so healthy and versatile at the same time
Thank you for the wonderful compliment.  I've been natural this time around for a year now,I love changing my hairstyle and I do this quite frequently.  I like to wear wigs and weaves to protect my natural hair during the winter months, the cold weather can sometimes make my hair extreme dry and brittle.  I trim and wash my hair every other week and the routine consist of several steps to maintain the moisture in my hair and prevent breakage.  The wig and weave give me the freedom to change my look without the commitment. Next year I plan on exploring my color options. I can't wait!!

Please list you favourite plus size bloggers to date:

Can't I love them all

Gold or Silver?   Pewter
Heels or flats?    Wedge
Cats or dogs? Dog
Loud music or quiet music? Loud
Classical or mainstream? Classical
Miss Piggy or Marilyn Monroe? Miss Piggy


If you would like to be featured on my blog, e-mail me at, with the subject "Feature Me", and include a link to your blog. 

Friday, 19 September 2014

Leopard Print & Leather | Collab with Mode Plus

I was very excited when my beautiful friend and fellow Plus Blogger, Nefferth from Mode Plus reached out to me to do a collaboration. We discussed what our theme could be, and in the end we decided to do some inspirational autum/winter-friendly looks based on what's going to be big this year. We agreed to make videos, and links to both our videos are below!*

Leopard print and leather was originally my idea, even though it's outside my comfort zone. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with animal print. I sort of like it, on some other people, but I don't think it's something for everybody, and I wasn't sure if it was for me or not. Most people can pull it off in small doses, but this dress isn't what I'd call a small dose of animal print. Basically, I see animal print as hit or miss. In general, I always feel like I have to be extra careful with certain styles and overly bold prints, because I have such big features, (big eyes, very full lips, big body from head to toe, I'm tall, I have a big presence, etc), and it's very easy for me to look over done or OTT. Animal prints are quite a bold statement maker, especially in large doses, and I'm not really into exaggerated bold statement making. I have dabbled in animal print a few times, (CLICK HERE for example), but never from head to toe like I have in this post. 

Anyhow, I accepted the challenge with optimism and excitement. After all, how can I inspire someone to challenge themselves and their comfort zones, if I am not willing to go there first? So, I grabbed this opportunity to finally do a post on this leopard print bodycon dress that has been hiding at the back of my wardrobe since March 2012. That's two and a half years!!!

 I bought this Leopard Print Bodycon dress from ASOS CURVE because it was different to what I usually go for, and, it was on sale. A good discount always encourages me to take a risk when tempted! (I did a post on this purchase HERE in March 2012). Generally speaking, in my opinion, leopard print is one of those things that can look really elegant, sexy and glamorous on one person, but really cheap, trashy, and tacky on another person. I was afraid of looking like the latter even before it was in my hands. When my order arrived, I was thoroughly disappointed. You're going to think I'm an absolute nutter, but as soon as I tried it on, and looked at myself in the mirror, I thought it made me looked... well... let's just say that elegant, sexy and glamorous didn't quite come to mind.

A few months later, I randomly plucked up the courage to wear it. And guess where I wore it to... Mass. Of all places! (I'm weirdly eccentric like that). Nobody gave me any funny looks or anything like that, but I felt uncomfortable in it. So much so, that it ended up back in the back of my wardrobe again. Fast forward to this summer, and my life-long friend Cerise flew out to Madrid to spend a few days with me. This dress came up in conversation, and I tried it on to get a second opinion. This time I thought it looked OK on, and Cerise agreed. So I decided to keep it, and maybe even dare to wear it outside of my house. I guess I wasn't convinced to the core though, since I wore it with a blazer/jacket Cerise gave me, and it took a lot of courage for me to take the blazer off for these photos. The irony being, that I like the pictures with just the dress on its own better!

Leopard Print Bodycon dress - UK22 - Asos Curve
Blazer / Jacket with faux leather trimmings - UK 20 (A bit snug on me) - DEFINITIONS
Leather Boots - UK8/9 - Clarks (I've had these boots since I was a teenager)
Studded Faux Leather Clutch - El Corte Inglés

Curls - Babyliss Curl Secret
Eye Shadow - kauai - by NARS
Lipstick - KIKO
Mascaras - Christian Dior & L'Oreal
Blush - H&M

(No Foundation or fake lashes) 

It has been well over a month since I last posted anything on here. Two days after my previous post I was diagnosed PreDiabetic. It should really be called, Stage-1 Type-2 diabetes, but, they insist on calling it PreDiabetes, as if it has nothing to do with Diabetes yet.  In any case, I have been taking it very seriously, as I know of all the truly horrific things that diabetes can lead to such as blindness, leg amputations, and even death.  I have made serious changes to my diet and lifestyle since I don't want to loose my vision, my legs, or die. No food is worth putting my health on the line over! Besides, eating healthy doesn't mean eating like a rabbit or a budgie, or eating boring foods!

I won't go into my diet or health too much on this blog after today, (this post is about to get word heavy), but I do have a brand new blog called FOOD WILL BE MY MEDICINE. That's where I will be getting very personal, and writing about my new diet, my weight loss, my symptoms, and a few other things. So, if you think I look smaller, you're right. I do. I am about 10kg lighter than I was in my last post. If you are interested in healthy living and healthy eating, then please, by all means, join me and let's share tips!

Weight loss was never my number goal to get my health back, but it's a side effect of completely healthy eating. I never thought I would ever loose weight again, and here I am, shrinking in size. I'm not on a diet. I'm on a healthy lifestyle journey. For life. I don't go anywhere near unhealthy foods at all anymore, and now I eat constantly, all the time, as well as drink lots of water. Before, I was getting by on just one meal a day, going hungry on a daily basis, drinking lots of fruit juices and fizzy drinks, as well as water, and barely sleeping. Believe it or not, I was often too busy to eat. I almost never ate breakfast or dinner, and lunch was often whatever I could eat whenever I could eat it. I used to think I was being healthy by mixing the good with the bad, but the fact is, that by mixing healthy with unhealthy, we're just being unhealthy. That doesn't mean fat, it means unhealthy

I am not depriving myself of anything. I am replacing unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives, and adding things in. I don't get cravings for anything I shouldn't be eating, and these days I'm never hungry like I used to be. I no longer eat sugar except for those found naturally in fruit, and since I also have high cholesterol, I only eat good fats. Fried foods have never really agreed with me, but fried foods aren't the only sources of bad fats. I have yet to know if my cholesterol has gone down, but my Blood Sugars have certainly gone down, and so has my weight in that process. Loosing belly fat was (and is) one of my main goals, but you can't loose fat in just one area, and whatever your problem area is, (which in my case I'd say is my tummy), is usually the last bit to really go down. So if I want to burn and loose belly fat, I have to burn and loose fat everywhere else as well. Apple shape bodies are apparently more likely to develop things such as diabetes and heart problems, because our body fat is mostly concentrated very closely to our internal organs, and that can have negative health consequences. But like I said, weight loss isn't the overall number one goal for me, so I'm being patient with my body. As long as my sugars are under control, I'm happy, and that's what keeps me motivated to eat right. Not eating the way I do now, literally makes me feel sick - both physically and emotionally. So healthy glucose (sugar) levels are the number one thing I need and want right now. Everything else is just complementary. I am not an expert. I am learning as I go along, and doing tons of research, so tips, advice, suggestions, etc, are all very welcome!

Stabbing the tips of my fingers several times a day with a needle to measure my Blood Sugars, can be daunting, and sore finger tips are no fun, but it is necessary, and a small price to pay for what could happen if I don't take control of my situation from now. Seeing healthy Blood Glucose readings excites me the most, not the weightloss. This whole journey has made me realize just how much I have learnt to love my body unconditionally. Like I said, I'm not in any huge rush to reach a particular weight or dress size overnight. I am just keen to be and feel healthy again, by treating my body kindly and respectfully. I am really listening to it once again, and my body is rewarding me back for it in so many ways! I don't think about calories. I only take into account the nutritional value of everything I eat, and so far, it seems to be working for me. My body seems to be repairing itself, and good health is all I ask for right now, after months of having one health problem after another.

If anyone is wondering, no, my views on size acceptance haven't changed. I'm still a big believer in health and happiness at every size. I have met many big people who are perfectly healthy, and many thin people who are not. A person's weight is not always a reflection of their health. Everybody's body is different, and there are people out there who have terrible eating habits, but they remain thin, and vice-versa. Yet everyone assumes the thin person is healthy and the fat person is not, because there is this massive propaganda machine that simplifies health so dangerously, by limiting the measure of health by the measure of weight alone.  This leads to much bigger problems than simply being overweight does. And going on fad diets are the worst thing anyone could do to their body! Healthy eating and exercise is really the only way to go if you want optimum health. That said, I haven't joined a gym, and I don't have a fixed exercise routine yet. However, I walk a lot more than I used to (and I was a walker already), I take stairs instead of the lift, and that sort of thing. I'm not working right now, but I do have a few job interviews lined up for next week, so hopefully I will be working again soon, and maybe be able to afford to join a gym. If not, there are plenty of YouTube videos you can work out to for free, and I have invested in some exercise toys, so I have options!

Going back to food, the more research I do on all the hidden nasties, the more I realize how difficult it is to make completely healthy food choices. Unhealthy eating isn't all about consciously making bad choices. Everyday I discover something terrible and new; and I was pretty clued up on the subject of foods since my mother is a diabetic, and I know how she needs to eat. Some days I wish I could just set up my own farm or something on a bit of land that is completely 'organic', to be sure that I am eating food that hasn't been pumped with chemicals and hormones. Shame I'm not quite cut out to be a farmer, I guess!

Like I said though, I am not going to go into my new diet and lifestyle on this blog too much after this post. This is still going to be my little space where I share my fashion choices with you. If you're curious about my health, my diet, and general well being, for whatever reason, then it's the other blog you need to go to. My Instagram will be a mix of everything, although right now, it's being taken over by my food! 

Last but not least, please CLICK HERE to view my video for this look, and CLICK HERE (Coming asap) to view Mode Plus's video! Hope you like our looks! 


Sunday, 3 August 2014

#BloggerSharingStyle - Flowers

Please excuse the typo. It should be #BloggerSharingStyle with a 'G'.

If you haven't noticed already, I love florals!

Sino os habeis fijado aún, me chiflan los estampados floreados!

I also love stripes! I also love stripes and florals together!

Tambien me chiflan las rayas! Y me gusta como se ven combinados con un estampado floreado!

Right now, my obsession with 'oriental' flowers, is exploding! 
Perhaps that's why I love this 'kimono' so much...

En esto momento, mi obsesion con la 'flores orientales', está explotando!
Quizás sea por eso que me chifla tantisimo este 'kimono'...

I bought it about a month ago. I was out shopping with my friend Cerise when she was here visiting, and we found them on the sale rack in H&M. I instantly fell in love. I thought it was absolutely stunning. Cerise had doubts though. She thought it looked a bit like a towelling robe. I don't think it does. I can't wait to restyle with jeans, a skirt, and a dress! Maybe, just maybe, this kimono will be a regular guest on my blog for a while.

La compré hace como un mes. Estaba de compras con mi amiga Cerise cuando me estaba visitando. Lo encontramos en la seccion de rebajas en H&M. Yo me enamoré a primera vista. Me pareció una belleza. Pero Cerise tenia dudas. Le parecia una bata. Yo no creo que parezca una bata. Me hace ilusion volver a combinarlo en el futuro; con vaqueros, una falda, un vestido! Y a lo mejor, solo a lo mejor, este kimono va a ser una visita regular en mi blog durante un tiempito.

 The leather booties I'm wearing here, I've had since I was about fourteen years old. Since the '90s are back, these will come in very handy in a lot of posts I have in mind. They're really comfortable, eventhough I'm not a heels kind of girl!

Estos botines de piel que me vez aqui, los he tenido desde que tenia mas o menos unos catorce años. Ahora que han vuelto los '90s, me van a resultar muy utiles para muchos looks que tengo que mente. Son super comodos, y eso que yo no soy una chica de ir con tacones altos!

I'm really into orange lips, and orange blush. In this post, I'm wearing
slowburn from Urban Decay's Electric Palette as orange blush, and Infinitely Fuchsia no.160 Super Stay 14-hour lipstick by Maybelline New York. Sadly I don't have a great camera, and the lighting wasn't great either, so the lipstick's true colour doesn't show up. I also straightened my hair for the first time again in ages. In this heat is was pretty much a useless but it showcases my length. My hair isn't as long as I want it to be, but it's definitely growing! 

 My love for oriental floral artwork, (as I call it), extends to my dreaming of getting a tatoo on my back in a very similar design to this one:

Mi amor por el arte de 'flores orientales'. (como les llamo yo), exteniende a mis sueños de querer hacerme un tatuaje en mi espalda con un diseño muy parecido a este:

 I don't know if I would ever go through with it because I hate pain. But if I was one of those people who like pain, or who can stand pain, I'd be looking into getting it done a.s.a.p.

In the meantime, I'll rely on clothes for my oriental flower art fix.

No se si algun dia llegaré a hacermelo, pporque no soporto dolor. Pero si fuese una de estas personas que les gusta el dolor, o que tienen mucho aguante para el dolor, ya estaria mirando para hacermela cuanto antes.

Mientras, me conformaré con saciar mi amor por las flores orientales, atravez de mi vestuario.


'Natural' hair out
Hello Beauties

I haven't discussed my 'hair journey' in some time now, so I thought I'd post a little update about how that's going. I've been spoiling my hair with a mix of almond oil and castor oil.

For those of you who are new to my blog, I have naturally tight, curly hair, (mixed), which no longer curls thanks to years of heat damage. 

I did think of going for a big chop, but I don't like how short hair looks on me, so I decided against it. Instead, I decided let it grow, but at the same time, tried to decrease the amount of heat I was using to style my hair. It wasn't easy, but it's been worth it so far. 

Now it's at a length where I can wash my hair, and allow it to air dry, because it's just about long enough to allow me to put my hair into cute hair styles, - which are much more flattering than any short hair cut, and hide the heat damage.

So far, my favourite two, are a bun - especially a high bun, and milkbraids.


High Bun
 I really want to get some hair extensions in the meantime, but they're so expensive in Madrid! My hair grows really quickly though, so I just have to be patient.

My hair will be a lot longer in no time, and then I'll be able to get really adventurous with my hairstyles!


Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Helloooooooooooo!!! So, today is...

(OK, maybe it was yesterday, but whatever - It's still a bit of fun, lol)

This lipstick is YSL Rose Tropical Tropical Pink no.49



I recently went on a bit of a lipstick haul at KIKO. I unapologetically love KIKO'S matte lipsticks, despite what make-up snobs might have to say about the brand. 

If you ask me, KIKO's lipsticks are fantastic because they are relatively affordable, (in comparison to higher-end makeup brands), they have a decent range of gorgeous colours - unlike most affordable brands I know of, so there is no compromising style by going for KIKO's affordable option of lipstick, (I highly suspect this might be thanks to that effortless, elegant, and sexy thing, combined with exquisite taste, which most italians seem to have), and their overall lipstick quality is actually amazing

Their matte lipsticks are "creamy", so although they don't have shine, they do not dry out the lips, (unlike some other high-end and much pricier brands matte lipsticks, which I won't name and shame). Oh, and did I mention that the colours are very pigmented and long lasting? - And the colour you get when you put it on your lips, is actually the colour you expect it to be - again, unlike other affordable make-up brands. 

The only other matte lipstick that I have found works on my usually very dry lips, is one by Mary Kay. Mary Kay however, is a pricier brand - which is justified considering that Mary Kay's quality is downright fantastic; but when it comes to certain beauty products, lipstick and lip liner are one of those areas where you can afford to pick a cheaper option, and nothing terrible will happen to you. (I wouldn't say the same thing about skin care products, but that's irrelevant to this post).

I'm not sure what came over me, but I really indulged on lipsticks and lip liners and
here is how they look on!

 I bought this colour because I want to do a 90's inspired look and make-up tutorial in the near future and this colour just reminds me of my teenage years, and the RnB Soul singers who I loved and were so popular in the 90s!!!

This lipstick looks very similar to the previous one, but in 'real life' it's not. All of these colours are different. I'm very much a perfectionist, so having similar but different colours means I can 'perfect' my makeup colour co-ordination a lot more. This colour is much 'redder' in real life, even if it looks more brown in this photo.

If you ask me, a girl can never have too many different shades of red lipstick. Red lipstick is glamorous, sexy, makes an entire outfit pop, and is just, well, perfect if you ask me.

OK, so this colour is the other extreme. I was on the pursuit of a nude lippy after I finally managed to get my hands on the Urban Decay Electric Palette. - Bright, colourful, bold eye makeup calls for not-so-bright lips most of the time, and I didn't have any nudes to match that sort of eye makeup - until now!!!
(Now I just need an orange nude! So watch this space!)

SMART LIPSTICK No.907. No lip liner
Orange is one of my favourite lipstick colours. It's fresh, elegant, and subtle enough to not take centre stage, but different enough to look like you are wearing lipstick.

 Whenever I think of orange tone lipsticks, bright pink whether they be dark or light, and bright reds, I always think of the 80s. The 80s was a funny decade and I thank God I was a small child and not a teenager at that point. The 80s fashion for the young just isn't my cup of tea, and I still remember being about four years old and having a strong hatred for tracksuits. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to leave their house in what looked like pyjamas, no matter how comfortable they were. I even remember having a conversation with my mum about it, and telling her how ridiculous these people looked in these horrid things, and my mum aswered, "Yes, I know. I agree completely. You're completely right. They're very ugly clothes!" LOL. I still think they are ridiculous looking by the way! Yet the 80s also had a very extravagant yet elegant thing going on, which had nothing to do with the tracksuit disaster. Think of the dresses Lady Di wore, and the wardrobe on Dallas.
That's more my cup of tea... *smiles*

I now have a lot of reds, pinks, and oranges which I haven't included in the post, - mainly because I wanted to focus on my latest lipstick purchases which just happen to be from KIKO MILANO.

The only colour lipstick I need to experiment with and include to my collection, is purple...

(and could be your best friend!!!)

If you ever need to look done up, but you don't have hours to spend on your makeup,
an amazing colour lipstick can make all the difference!
Just put on some mascara, blusher, and a bright classy pop of colour on your lips,
and you will look done up and elegant with minimal effort!

 It's the perfect makeup item for us lasses who wear glasses!
Focus on the lips, not the eyes, and you have perfect makeup for glasses.
- And the result is super sexy!

Putting on lipstick is easy peasy, lemmon squeazy! Absolutely anyone can do it! 
Which is great news for any of you beauties who struggle with applying eye makeup. 
You can fake-it with lipstick to look more done up on a daily basis, until you get the hang of how to do eye makeup!
For those of us who don't always have an hour to ourselves every morning to 'put our faces on', lipstick can help create the illusion of looking much more put together than we really are.
You can always be sure your lipstick will 'fit' you. - Unlike jeans!

You will feel amazing in a lipstick you love, and it will last all day, or all night. 
Lipstick plus sunglasses are like magic formula to make anyone look "cool". If you're ever hung over, or just haven't had enough sleep, and it shows, then this combination will hide all of that and actually make it look like you've taken time to get ready and look "cool"! 

This one kind of ties in with point number 1, but just by switching your lipstick colour, you can completeley transform your makeup - as this picture which I found on-line demonstrates:
The only thing that has changed, is the lipstick colour, and the entire look is transformed, - making lipstick the quickest, easiest to apply, most versatile item of makeup which can help you switch looks instantly, and at the same time, save time!

I hope you've enjoyed this post. 
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