Sunday, 3 August 2014

#BloggerSharingStyle - Flowers

Please excuse the typo. It should be #BloggerSharingStyle with a 'G'.

If you haven't noticed already, I love florals!

Sino os habeis fijado aún, me chiflan los estampados floreados!

I also love stripes! I also love stripes and florals together!

Tambien me chiflan las rayas! Y me gusta como se ven combinados con un estampado floreado!

Right now, my obsession with 'oriental' flowers, is exploding! 
Perhaps that's why I love this 'kimono' so much...

En esto momento, mi obsesion con la 'flores orientales', está explotando!
Quizás sea por eso que me chifla tantisimo este 'kimono'...

I bought it about a month ago. I was out shopping with my friend Cerise when she was here visiting, and we found them on the sale rack in H&M. I instantly fell in love. I thought it was absolutely stunning. Cerise had doubts though. She thought it looked a bit like a towelling robe. I don't think it does. I can't wait to restyle with jeans, a skirt, and a dress! Maybe, just maybe, this kimono will be a regular guest on my blog for a while.

La compré hace como un mes. Estaba de compras con mi amiga Cerise cuando me estaba visitando. Lo encontramos en la seccion de rebajas en H&M. Yo me enamoré a primera vista. Me pareció una belleza. Pero Cerise tenia dudas. Le parecia una bata. Yo no creo que parezca una bata. Me hace ilusion volver a combinarlo en el futuro; con vaqueros, una falda, un vestido! Y a lo mejor, solo a lo mejor, este kimono va a ser una visita regular en mi blog durante un tiempito.

 The leather booties I'm wearing here, I've had since I was about fourteen years old. Since the '90s are back, these will come in very handy in a lot of posts I have in mind. They're really comfortable, eventhough I'm not a heels kind of girl!

Estos botines de piel que me vez aqui, los he tenido desde que tenia mas o menos unos catorce años. Ahora que han vuelto los '90s, me van a resultar muy utiles para muchos looks que tengo que mente. Son super comodos, y eso que yo no soy una chica de ir con tacones altos!

I'm really into orange lips, and orange blush. In this post, I'm wearing
slowburn from Urban Decay's Electric Palette as orange blush, and Infinitely Fuchsia no.160 Super Stay 14-hour lipstick by Maybelline New York. Sadly I don't have a great camera, and the lighting wasn't great either, so the lipstick's true colour doesn't show up. I also straightened my hair for the first time again in ages. In this heat is was pretty much a useless but it showcases my length. My hair isn't as long as I want it to be, but it's definitely growing! 

 My love for oriental floral artwork, (as I call it), extends to my dreaming of getting a tatoo on my back in a very similar design to this one:

Mi amor por el arte de 'flores orientales'. (como les llamo yo), exteniende a mis sueños de querer hacerme un tatuaje en mi espalda con un diseño muy parecido a este:

 I don't know if I would ever go through with it because I hate pain. But if I was one of those people who like pain, or who can stand pain, I'd be looking into getting it done a.s.a.p.

In the meantime, I'll rely on clothes for my oriental flower art fix.

No se si algun dia llegaré a hacermelo, pporque no soporto dolor. Pero si fuese una de estas personas que les gusta el dolor, o que tienen mucho aguante para el dolor, ya estaria mirando para hacermela cuanto antes.

Mientras, me conformaré con saciar mi amor por las flores orientales, atravez de mi vestuario.


'Natural' hair out
Hello Beauties

I haven't discussed my 'hair journey' in some time now, so I thought I'd post a little update about how that's going. I've been spoiling my hair with a mix of almond oil and castor oil.

For those of you who are new to my blog, I have naturally tight, curly hair, (mixed), which no longer curls thanks to years of heat damage. 

I did think of going for a big chop, but I don't like how short hair looks on me, so I decided against it. Instead, I decided let it grow, but at the same time, tried to decrease the amount of heat I was using to style my hair. It wasn't easy, but it's been worth it so far. 

Now it's at a length where I can wash my hair, and allow it to air dry, because it's just about long enough to allow me to put my hair into cute hair styles, - which are much more flattering than any short hair cut, and hide the heat damage.

So far, my favourite two, are a bun - especially a high bun, and milkbraids.


High Bun
 I really want to get some hair extensions in the meantime, but they're so expensive in Madrid! My hair grows really quickly though, so I just have to be patient.

My hair will be a lot longer in no time, and then I'll be able to get really adventurous with my hairstyles!


Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Helloooooooooooo!!! So, today is...

(OK, maybe it was yesterday, but whatever - It's still a bit of fun, lol)

This lipstick is YSL Rose Tropical Tropical Pink no.49



I recently went on a bit of a lipstick haul at KIKO. I unapologetically love KIKO'S matte lipsticks, despite what make-up snobs might have to say about the brand. 

If you ask me, KIKO's lipsticks are fantastic because they are relatively affordable, (in comparison to higher-end makeup brands), they have a decent range of gorgeous colours - unlike most affordable brands I know of, so there is no compromising style by going for KIKO's affordable option of lipstick, (I highly suspect this might be thanks to that effortless, elegant, and sexy thing, combined with exquisite taste, which most italians seem to have), and their overall lipstick quality is actually amazing

Their matte lipsticks are "creamy", so although they don't have shine, they do not dry out the lips, (unlike some other high-end and much pricier brands matte lipsticks, which I won't name and shame). Oh, and did I mention that the colours are very pigmented and long lasting? - And the colour you get when you put it on your lips, is actually the colour you expect it to be - again, unlike other affordable make-up brands. 

The only other matte lipstick that I have found works on my usually very dry lips, is one by Mary Kay. Mary Kay however, is a pricier brand - which is justified considering that Mary Kay's quality is downright fantastic; but when it comes to certain beauty products, lipstick and lip liner are one of those areas where you can afford to pick a cheaper option, and nothing terrible will happen to you. (I wouldn't say the same thing about skin care products, but that's irrelevant to this post).

I'm not sure what came over me, but I really indulged on lipsticks and lip liners and
here is how they look on!

 I bought this colour because I want to do a 90's inspired look and make-up tutorial in the near future and this colour just reminds me of my teenage years, and the RnB Soul singers who I loved and were so popular in the 90s!!!

This lipstick looks very similar to the previous one, but in 'real life' it's not. All of these colours are different. I'm very much a perfectionist, so having similar but different colours means I can 'perfect' my makeup colour co-ordination a lot more. This colour is much 'redder' in real life, even if it looks more brown in this photo.

If you ask me, a girl can never have too many different shades of red lipstick. Red lipstick is glamorous, sexy, makes an entire outfit pop, and is just, well, perfect if you ask me.

OK, so this colour is the other extreme. I was on the pursuit of a nude lippy after I finally managed to get my hands on the Urban Decay Electric Palette. - Bright, colourful, bold eye makeup calls for not-so-bright lips most of the time, and I didn't have any nudes to match that sort of eye makeup - until now!!!
(Now I just need an orange nude! So watch this space!)

SMART LIPSTICK No.907. No lip liner
Orange is one of my favourite lipstick colours. It's fresh, elegant, and subtle enough to not take centre stage, but different enough to look like you are wearing lipstick.

 Whenever I think of orange tone lipsticks, bright pink whether they be dark or light, and bright reds, I always think of the 80s. The 80s was a funny decade and I thank God I was a small child and not a teenager at that point. The 80s fashion for the young just isn't my cup of tea, and I still remember being about four years old and having a strong hatred for tracksuits. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to leave their house in what looked like pyjamas, no matter how comfortable they were. I even remember having a conversation with my mum about it, and telling her how ridiculous these people looked in these horrid things, and my mum aswered, "Yes, I know. I agree completely. You're completely right. They're very ugly clothes!" LOL. I still think they are ridiculous looking by the way! Yet the 80s also had a very extravagant yet elegant thing going on, which had nothing to do with the tracksuit disaster. Think of the dresses Lady Di wore, and the wardrobe on Dallas.
That's more my cup of tea... *smiles*

I now have a lot of reds, pinks, and oranges which I haven't included in the post, - mainly because I wanted to focus on my latest lipstick purchases which just happen to be from KIKO MILANO.

The only colour lipstick I need to experiment with and include to my collection, is purple...

(and could be your best friend!!!)

If you ever need to look done up, but you don't have hours to spend on your makeup,
an amazing colour lipstick can make all the difference!
Just put on some mascara, blusher, and a bright classy pop of colour on your lips,
and you will look done up and elegant with minimal effort!

 It's the perfect makeup item for us lasses who wear glasses!
Focus on the lips, not the eyes, and you have perfect makeup for glasses.
- And the result is super sexy!

Putting on lipstick is easy peasy, lemmon squeazy! Absolutely anyone can do it! 
Which is great news for any of you beauties who struggle with applying eye makeup. 
You can fake-it with lipstick to look more done up on a daily basis, until you get the hang of how to do eye makeup!
For those of us who don't always have an hour to ourselves every morning to 'put our faces on', lipstick can help create the illusion of looking much more put together than we really are.
You can always be sure your lipstick will 'fit' you. - Unlike jeans!

You will feel amazing in a lipstick you love, and it will last all day, or all night. 
Lipstick plus sunglasses are like magic formula to make anyone look "cool". If you're ever hung over, or just haven't had enough sleep, and it shows, then this combination will hide all of that and actually make it look like you've taken time to get ready and look "cool"! 

This one kind of ties in with point number 1, but just by switching your lipstick colour, you can completeley transform your makeup - as this picture which I found on-line demonstrates:
The only thing that has changed, is the lipstick colour, and the entire look is transformed, - making lipstick the quickest, easiest to apply, most versatile item of makeup which can help you switch looks instantly, and at the same time, save time!

I hope you've enjoyed this post. 
I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below!


Sunday, 27 July 2014

WHY I canNOT stand men who classify themselves as Chubby Chasers, Fat Admrers, BBW Lovers, etc

This may sound very odd coming from a big girl, but one of my greatest pet peeves, are guys who are only into big girls. I've felt this way for as long as I have been aware of the 'fat fetish', and since I first came across chubby chasing guys first hand.

Don't get me wrong. I respect everyone's tastes. I understand that you cannot help who or what you find sexually attractive. Whether it be a certain size, a certain race, or whatever it is that turns you on. I also want to emphasize that I am not out to bash big women who love and appreciate chubby chasers. Look, I get it. I get that it's nice to have someone who loves and wants you just as you are, and who isn't going to go on at you to loose weight. I also understand that not every woman who feels that way about chubby chasers, is necessarily the type of woman I (or they - meaning chubby chasing men), go on to describe here. I am also not saying that this is what I think of all big women, who love the men who love us. I'm talking about what some those men have to say about why they prefer big women. I also like to think that there are chubby chasing guys out there who do not prefer bigger women for the reasons I am about to discuss here. Once again, I know there are always exceptions. I am not here to judge anyone, as with everything, there are exceptions to every rule and stereotype. I am however, going to express my own personal opinion about the assumptions that are made about us, by a lot of those guys who claim to love us.

The video below, which I stumbled across this morning, has been what triggered me to write this post. For ages now I have been intending to make a video on this topic, and I probably still will, but for now, I'm going to start off with this post! The video which triggered me to write this post ahead of time, lasts 4:53s. It's from the channel Bugatti Beeze, and features another youtuber, who's name I think is Jae Richards. To be honest though, I wasn't really paying attention to their names, but rather, what they were saying. (So please excuse me if I'm wrong).

These two proud-fat-girl-loving guys in particular, have made a video simply regurgitating every possible fat girl stereotype around. I've heard many chubby chasers talk like this about us big girls. It's as if we are all just clones of each other. 


No, we are not. 

I don't know you about you, but me? 


Yes, I am fat, but no I am not easy. Not by any stretch of the imagination. You can't just walk up to me in some random place - ie; the mall - and expect me to give you my number. It's just not going to happen! Oh, and in case you didn't know, there are plenty of skinny girls out there who will. Generally speaking though, I don't care what type of girl you are trying to hit on at the mall, 99.99999999999% of the time, I'm gonna class you as 'thirsty' for hitting on girls at the mall anyway. Maybe I'm just very english, and the whole talking to strangers in an over friendly manner is just taboo; but seriously, who goes to the mall hoping to get a date? Exactly! And as for my breasts, in case you didn't know, no, they do not exist to be randomly squeezed. I own my body, and I decide what happens to it, and who gets to touch it, because me and my body are not public property, and both myself and my body are worthy of being treated with respect. Besides, who says all big girls are busty? They're not! The fat on my body is not the result of years of "McMeals" or any other junk food from any other fast food place. I do not wrestle, and I am not anyone's punching bag, so no, you cannot just wrestle or punch this fat girl and assume she can, and will, just take it - Whatever the circumstances. I am not anyone's body guard - especially not my man's bodyguard. Call me old fashioned if you must, but I want my man to protect me! This doesn't mean I won't stand up for him if the situation arose, but I'm not going to settle for some guy who will date me because he thinks I can fight. And on that note, are they saying that by assuming that all fat girls have sharp fighting skills and abnormally large and strong fists, that there is no such thing as a classy fat lady who does not need to resort to physical fights to resolve conflict? I have big hands, and they're going to be big no matter what I weigh, because I'm made big anyway. Fact is, I could probably do some damage with my big hands if I chose to, but I don't. I'm not one to get into physical fights, or to go around knocking people out. It's called having class, and it has nothing to do with body size or shape. God gave me a brain to think, and a mouth to reason with. If you need to settle your conflicts with your fists and not your words, then something is wrong with you, and I suggest you seek help, or go to anger management or something. For real! Oh, and all that stuff in the begining of the video about how we will eat all of our food at the restaurant on a date? Please! I know many skinny girls who eat more than many of the fat girls I know. They just don't put the weight on like us bigger girls do! And as for inviting your friends over to smoke from her knee caps? Did I hear wrong? Was that a joke I didn't find funny or was that 'code' for 'sharing' her with his friends? I'm not even going to bother trying to figure it out because it just seems like a waste of my time. Again, not all fat girls are easy, promiscuous, or incapable of saying no to anything she finds degrading or simply uncomfortable. And where is the logic in you not having to worry about a big girl cheating on you because all big girls spend their money on, is food? Is he saying, that nobody else wants the kind of woman he's into because we are all just ugly and undesireable? So are they saying that men who like big women are just insecure deep down, and want a woman who nobody else wants, to make sure she will be his unconditionally, indebted to him for finding her attractive, and OK to be treated like garbage?

Look, a woman doesn't have to be fat to be insecure and to allow men - or just people in general - to treat her like rubbish. 

There are plenty of insecure women out there who are skinny. Insecure women come in all shapes and sizes, just like with everything else. Come on now! Is it just me, or have these chubby chasing guys, who justify their preference in the same way these guys do, just led some very sheltered lives? 

We are not all just walking stereotypes. Everybody's body is different, and each person is the size they are for different reasons. I'm not saying that there's no such thing as a fat person who is fat because they eat too much junk food and don't excercise. Of course there are those kinds of fat people out there! But there are also skinny people out there who live unhealthy lifestyles, but nobody calls them out on it, because there is this mass distributed lie, that if you are skinny, then you must be healthy. 

These guys talk about skinny girls in reference to all the negative stereotypes. They talk about skinny girls not eating enough, not being strong enough, being conceited and downright rude. Again, I ask myself if these guys have simply led very sheltered lives. I know plenty of lovely skinny girls who will not be rude if you try to chat them up, and can hold their own if the need arose, and who are not conceited. Like I said, all types of girls come in all shapes and sizes. If you are turned on by one size, and not another, then good for you. I won't be giving you a medal for liking what you like, because honestly, I don't believe any of us choose to be attracted to whatever or whoever we are attracted to. It's mixture of genetics and socialization that will ultimately shape our tastes. Not only in partner, but in everything. The food we like, the clothes we choose to wear, our general lifestyle choices, etc. We are a product of nature and nurture. Who knows the full list of reasons that make these guys only find big girls attractive. I don't know the answer, and I don't really want to pass judgement. I just know that I don't agree with their argument.

All I know for a fact is, that to me, arguments like these are a load of nonsense, and I do not relate to any of these stereotypes. I am a fat woman, but I am a woman non-the-less. I am not worth more or less than any other woman, regardless of my size, race, social class, etc, I am simply human. I have flaws and virtues just like the next person. I do want to be fetishized because I am not a fetish. 

Fetishizing women based on their weight, isn't a fat woman issue. It's also a skinny woman issue. 

Guys who claim to only be attracted to thin women, and who will only date that type of woman, are just as guilty of fetishizing one particular size of woman, as these chubby chasers do. The difference is, that society tells us it's OK to fetishize and objectify skinny women, but it's not OK to find bigger women attractive, which is why exclusively finding bigger women attractive, is considered a fetish in the traditional sense of the word. If the reality were the reverse, the problem would be the same, and not better or worse. 

Maybe I am alone in my zero tolerance for crap and my sense of equality for all. I don't know. All I know is, that I despise sizeism, and stereotyping us, whether it be intended as a compliment, or not, is not on either! 

Am I alone in my thoughts and feelings on this matter?

Friday, 25 July 2014


This might prove to be a picture heavy post. I'm not sure yet. I posted quite a few photos of this to my photobucket account, but we'll see how many I actually post. I'm really really REALLY excited about sharing this skirt I made with all of you. I've wanted an african print inspired skirt for about two years now, at least, and I finally have one. All the african print skirts I found on line were on the pricey side, and I made this out of 150x150 peice of fabric that cost me 6€ from a pile of scraps in a fabric shop. I had originally planned to make a strapless dress out of it, but changed my mind at the last minute. It's not perfectly made, but I'm pretty chuffed with the result, -  especially when it's the first skirt I've ever made and finished *excited smile*. So far people have been paying me lots of compliments everywhere I wear it to. I have at least four outfit ideas for this skirt. In fact, I dressed up and planned to take all the looks in one day. However, by look number two, I was put off by a group of men who were walking down the street, just as I was set up my tripod and starting taking pictures. They appeared right when I checked for my first photos, so they didn't actually see me taking any pictures. Next thing I knew, they were just scattered around, lingering around the area, looking suspicious, and they kept watching my every move. I know, I'm chicken, but they were too much. I just couldn't handle them standing around, scattered all over the place, watching me like hawks. I just couldn't go on to posing and taking photos of myself in their presence. My shyness kicked in, so I folded up my tripod and I ran. I'll save those looks for another post in future. For now, here is my "Ethnic Inspired DIY Skirt".


No se si este post va a tener demasiadas fotos. No lo se aun. Subi muchas fotos de este look a mi cuenta en PhotoBucket, pero ya vere cuantas de ellas subo aqui. Estoy super super super emocionada de mostararos esta falda que me hize. Hacia mucho que queria una falda con un estampado estilo africano, haran como unos dos años. Pero todas las faldas que encontraba en internet eran caras, y esta la he hecho con una tela de 150x150, y que me ha costado 6€ solo. En un principio me quize hacer un vestido palabra de honor, pero a ultima hora, decidi hacerme esta falda. No me ha quedado perfecta, pero estoy super contenta con el resultado. - Sobre todo porque es la primera falda que me he hecho y que he acabado. *sonrisa emociante*. Hasta ahora todo el mundo me suelta piropos donde quiera que voy con ella puesta. Tengo por lo menos cuatro looks planeados para esta falda. Es mas, iba a crear todos esos looks en un solo dia, pero cuando fui a hacerle fotos al segundo look, me desanimé al ver un grupo de tios caminando por la calle, justo cuando estaba colocando mi tripode y habia comenzado a tomar fotos. Aparecieron justo cuando me acerqué a mi camara a ver qué tal la primera foto, asi que no me vieron haciendome la foto. Y al instante estaba regados por toda la calle, actuando sospechosamente, y vigilandome sin quitarme la mirada. Ya lo se. Soy una cobrade, pero no fui capaz de continuar haciendome fotos en su presencia. Mi timidez tomó control, asi que cojí mi tripode, y me fui volando con prisas. Ya os mostraré esos looks en otro post. Por ahora, aqui teneis mi falda "Inspirada en lo etnico y hecha por mi"

In the end I couldn't make my mind up, so just posted the whole lot. Sorry if that annoys anyone. More looks featuring this skirt will be coming soon!!! lol

Al final no he sido capaz de decidirme, asi que he subido todas. Lo siento si ha alguien le fastidia.
Pronto subire mas looks con esta falda!!! Je je je

PS: This red lipstick by KIKO is an excellent dupe of Mac's Ruby Woo. I've had this read this forever, I have to say I'm delighted with it. I might do a post and video on my collection of red lipsticks. We'll see :)

PD: Este pintalabios rojo de KIKO es una excelente 'imitacion?' de Ruby Woo por MAC. Hace mucho que lo tengo y estoy super encantada con el. Quizas haga un post y video hablandoles sobre mi coleccion de pintalabios rojos. Ya veremos :)